Day 23: Soft Beer Pretzels

5 Feb

Pretzel bread may be of Austro-German origin – not the obvious choice for a blog on British rations – but it’s also one of my favorite breads and unlike brioche is fairly undemanding on the fat/egg side. I used a recipe from Portland, OR restaurant Grüner (click here to  view it). Ed gave me a hand with forming the pretzels. Braiding or shaping dough is a little tricky and my efforts are underneath his superlative pretzel. But I did get the hand of it eventually! Practicing helps a little.

This is a beer pretzel – who doesn’t love beer and pretzels on game day? To my mind, they’re the most exciting thing about superbowl anyway. Now I’m going to spend the evening at a superbowl party…and hoping like hell there’s someone else there who could care less about football…or as we call it in the UK, American football. Take pretzels, add mustard and more beer and you have a superbowl survival kit for even those as un-sports-fan-sy as me.


2 Responses to “Day 23: Soft Beer Pretzels”

  1. Ellen Hardy February 6, 2012 at 12:34 am #

    LOve the pretzels- agree about the Super Bowl- fortunately I’m married to someone who doesn’t care if I watch the Super Bowl with him. I do enjoy the commercials- but have found out that I can watch them on the internet the next day! So- is there no recipes for the pretzels? I’d love to find a gluten-free recipe for the pretzels.

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