About The Ration Diairies

UK rations from World War II, meet creative kitchen solutions. This blog is inspired by the ultimate thrifty cook, my granny. She grew up during WWII in Kent, England, and somehow managed to get through the air raids, rationing and separation from her mother, and come out the other side with positivity and strength of spirit – not to mention a love of beef paste in a jar. Don’t ask. I grew up making Bramley apple pies with her, squishing the scrap dough into clumsy, greyish versions of the beautiful pastry roses she used to top them with. Those trips to her house in Gravesend, where she still lives, were a big part of what made me want to learn and write about food. I work with the average rations an adult would have received during WWII in England –  they varied throughout the war. I also try and use only the ingredients that would likely be available in England during WWII – in other words, potatoes in, kiwis out. And I transform it all into recipes.

Francoise Villeneuve


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